High-Resolution Images Using Fast, Sharp, Branded Lenses and Cameras

Prime Lens and Tripod, Permission Secured in Advance
(Montréal, Canada)

Prime Lens, Handheld, No Post-Processing
(Washington, D.C.)

Meticulous Detail, Exposure Bracketing in Low-Light, Tripod, Processed With Capture One and Photoshop
(Rome, Italy)

Long Range Zoom, High-Detail, Handheld, No Post-Processing
(Washington, D.C.)

Monochrome, Highly-Populated with Tourists, Handheld
(Milan, Italy)

Monochrome, Highly-Populated with Tourists, Long Exposure, Tripod
(New York City)

Long Exposure, New Year’s Day, Tripod
(Boston, Massachusetts)

Remote Region, Handheld
(Idaho, United States)

Bold Spacial Perspective, Tripod
(Manhattan from west of the Hudson River)

Geometric Perspective, Handheld, Post-Processed in Capture One
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Creative Angles, Multiple Exposures, Bracketing, Tripod, Permission Secured in Advance
(New York City, Grand Central Terminal)

Natural Life, Low-Light, Navigating Tourism, Handheld, Foreign Cultural Skills
(Paris, France)

Natural Life, Handheld, Foreign Cultural Skills
(Rome, Italy)

Capturing Artistic Intent, Handheld, Foreign Language Skills
(Barcelona, Spain)

Book Printing and Cover Design
(London, United Kingdom)

The London Book by Stephen Je
Grand tour: a collection of 100 photos and maps