The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by Stephen Je
The Frank Lloyd Wright icon in Manhattan

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by Stephen Je
In long exposure, emphasizing the radient energy in the area

Flatiron Building by Stephen Je
The iconic landmark

A Day Ends on Madison Avenue by Stephen Je
People leaving work in Manhattan

Radio City Music Hall by Stephen Je
Manhattan is always in motion

Times Square by Stephen Je
Extra surveillance in Manhattan

Oculus and 3 World Trade Center by Stephen Je
Downtown Manhattan rebuilt

Empire Night by Stephen Je
The west Manhattan skyline anchored by the Empire State Building

The Metropolian Opera House by Stephen Je
An aggressive rendition of the MET Opera House front fa├žade, emphasizing the chandelier and tapestries

New York West by Stephen Je
Manhattan sets sail along the Hudson River

Grand Central Terminal by Stephen Je
The astrological constellations in the sky watch over the station

The London Book by Stephen Je
Grand tour: a collection of 100 photos and maps