Natural Language Processing and Real-Time AI written by Stephen Je, with Voice Recognition
Ability Intelligence and SmartData, Created and Built by Stephen Je

Instead of Search, Ask Real-Time Questions and Answers in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, 2018
The Baseball Engine Source Code, Autograph Insights (in development), Created and Built by Stephen Je

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy, by Stephen Je
A rendition of the Renaissance masterpiece emphasizing historical influence

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal by Stephen Je
Lit before a Saturday mass

Westminster Abbey, North by Stephen Je
With the Palace of Westminster in the background

Zork's Place by Stephen Leung

United States, Connected World Award Winner for Internet of Things (IoT), 2012
ReadyConnected, SurePod GPS and Genesis Phone, Created and Built by Stephen Je

Near Field Communication (NFC) “Not Just a Coaster Demo”, 2015
Vocale Instant Feedback, Created and Built by Stephen Je

Zork's Place by Stephen Leung

Flagship Comic Strip for MIT’s School Newspaper, 1994-1996
Zork’s Place by Steven Dominic Leung, The Tech

Zork's Place by Stephen Leung

A Very Good Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, Sometime in the 2000s, by Steven Dominic Leung (Stephen Je)
Bioware Social Network, Electronic Arts

The London Book written and photographed by Stephen Je
Grand tour: a collection of 100 photos and maps

Stephen Je is an artificial intelligence, video game, and web developer.
He has a degree in computer science from MIT and a minor in economics from MIT Sloan.
His product launches include Microsoft Windows 95 and Oracle Database 8i.
He founded an award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) startup.
He has 10+ editor's choice awards.
And he has won a Time Magazine Writing Award.
He is also a professional photographer.

Built my first search engine in 1990 for the Texas State Science Fair --- they made fun

Stephen Je

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