Natural Language Processing and Real-Time AI written by Stephen Je
Ability Intelligence and SmartData

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy by Stephen Je
A rendition of the Renaissance masterpiece emphasizing historical influence

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal by Stephen Je
Lit before a Saturday mass

The London Book written and photographed by Stephen Je
Grand tour: a collection of 100 photos and maps

Zork's Place by Stephen Leung

Mass Effect 3 Rating
Plus over 20,000 hours on photography

Zork's Place by Stephen Leung

Zork by Stephen Je
Daily Comic for MIT’s Newspaper

Stephen Je is an artificial intelligence, video game, and web developer.
He has a degree in computer science from MIT and a minor in economics from MIT Sloan.
His product launches include Microsoft Windows 95 and Oracle Database 8i.
He founded an award-winning hardware startup.
He is a professional-level photographer.

Stephen Je

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